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MLB café

MLB café is the only entertainment restaurant in the world, officially certified by Major League Baseball (MLB) (license business with the theme of MLB in Japan). We offer services centered on three concepts: “cultural exchange”, “dietary education”, and “youth development”.
In 2009, the first store in the world opened in Ebisu, attracting attention from all over the world. The second Tokyo Dome City store opened in 2015. In 2020, the third store has opened in E・ZO FUKUOKA adjacent to the FUKUOKA PayPay Dome.


Our services are developed based on themes around sports, such as the latest sports information on MLB, youth sports promotion, and promotion of international sports-culture exchange programs.
The store provides MLB live and recorded broadcasting and displays plenty of valuable MLB goods.


The meal has an American taste with the theme of “entertainment.”
We offer healthy and beauty-themed foods rich in nutrients, that are popular overseas, as well as collaboration menus with famous American restaurants.


At MLB café, we sell rare limited-edition goods. MLB café TOKYO (Tokyo Dome store) and MLB café FUKUOKA have a rich lineup of premium original goods, miscellaneous goods, apparel, and food that you can only get at these cafés, and has launched a product-sales space at the entrance you want to stop by.

MLB café Girls

MLB café Girls offer gorgeous showtime and serve you beer, dressed in cheerful and healthy costumes, like cheerleaders that came out of anime. The girls with bright smiles actively communicate with customers, entertaining in an overseas style and give high-quality performances on stage. (Tokyo Dome City store)

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